Spray Tanning

Black Magic spray tan is available in 8 hour and 2 hour tans in both regular and dark. “Super Natural” is proudly made in Australia using the highest quality ingredients. The DHA in super natural black magic is 100% eco certified organic. This holds the key to the amazing natural colour, not to mention the skin soothing and anti-aging properties of rosemary leaf, green tea and aloe vera. Black Magic tan lasts 7-10 days and fades naturally and evenly from the skin (this will vary depending on your skin type and after care regime).

The regular tan is designed for all skin types, dark tan is designed  for olive skin for a deeper darker tan. Super natural dark contains a higher amount of DHA. Its super drying formula is non sticky and odourless. Black Magic 2 hour tan can be washed off after just 2 hours – then watch your tan develop over the next 6 hours. This product can be left on for up to 5 hours to achieve a darker tan, it can also be washed off as early as 1.5 hours for a lighter tan.

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